10 Significant Architectural Companies in the World

Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings, but sometimes there are some genius people who transformed it to an outstanding level breaking the typicality of designs and allowing their own imaginations to rule them while they are working to produce a masterpiece that will be immortalized and to be a witness on their geniality. In today’s article we will talk about 9 significant architectural companies:

Zaha Hadid Architects:

Is a British architecture and design firm founded by Zaha Hadid, its main office is located in Clerkenwell, London. The office is founded in 1980 containing, the most elite engineers in the world from different nationalities. The group has many projects around the world such as:
1- BMW Central Building, Leipzig, Germany:
With of its 27500 m² constituted a radical reinterpretation of the traditional office transforming it into a more dynamic, engaging or communication knot keeping the traditional colors of white and blue
2- Alphadome, Seattle, South Korea:
Is just like opening two arms to embracing its visitors in South Korea giving the city an urban looking. Although the building is based on a deconstructive design, the building has a seamless flow design making it a spectacular masterpiece.
3- Beethoven Concert Hall, Bonn, Germany:
The idea of linking city to the river promenade made Beethoven symphony grow from the shiny crystalline heart so loudly and awesome.
Last but not least The Leeza Soho tower in Beijing is considered the last design of that spectacular mind. After that Zaha Hadid has unexpectedly left us on March 31, 2016, leaving an immortal legacy that will be an inspiration source for the coming generation.

LYX Arkitekter:

I a leading Swedish multinational architectural designs and solutions. It was established and founded in Sweden in 2018 it is worth mentioning that the company has more than one branch in the world it has branches in Dubai, UAE, and Turkey. The company has made notable projects in many countries such as:
1- Cracked Tower C3 in Canada:
is originally inspired by the cracks that occur in the facades of the buildings because of the time traces, but in this concept, we did it intentionally by adding metal bars to the frontal façade in front of the panoramic glass, which did not reduce the beauty of the outside design as it used to be.
On the contrary, the bars contributed to illuding the beholder that the building resides behind the cracks because of the balcony formed inside the edges of the crack, while the façade is completely identified with it.

2- 45-Brutalist House:
the new concept is estimated from the brutalism concept created by the genius engineer le Corbusier in 1952. The new project is designed in Iceland in the form of a flipped container but the sides of it are replaced with panoramic glass guaranteeing 360 degrees view of the beach on the ground floors. Moreover, the total space of the project is 750 sq.m with two floors. The ground floor contains living, and dining room attached to a bathroom and a kitchen. The creativity of design is manifested in the terrace where you can see the whole view in front of you while you are enjoying your coffee in the first hours of the morning.
3- Nazwa Villas:
Three brothers have an idea of building three similar villas with different decorations to distinguish them from the whole island.
Starting from the bulky symmetrical vaults creating the entrance with its distinguishable concealed lighted ornaments on its façade and on the ceiling in addition to the fancy light brown gate to fit the white colored walls.

Norman Robert Foster:

As we move in our article we should stop and take a look at Norman Robert Foster Company
Foster + Partners is a fast-paced, multidisciplinary firm that focuses on cooperation and creativity. Its fourteen worldwide offices in London, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Beijing, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Hong Kong, Madrid, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, and Sydney can provide a diverse range of opportunities. The company has a lot of special projects around the world such as:
1- South Quay Plaza:
Situated on Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs, South Quay Plaza plays a very important role in re-energizing the historic docklands around Canary Wharf. The mixed-use scheme consists of two buildings, a tall residential tower addressing Canary Wharf and a smaller development to the south regarding the streetscape of Marsh Wall with retail spaces and a major new public plaza. The vision for the project was to open and reshape the neighborhood by expanding an unprecedented sixty percent of the site to public use, introducing over 1.5 acres of bountifully landscaped and accessible public opened spaces, also making new pedestrian routes to connect the residential areas of Millwall and Cubitt Town with Canary Wharf.
2- Tocumen International Airport:
The new Tocumen International Airport in Panama is about to maximize the capacity from 5.8 to fifteen million passengers annually by 2022, establishing a decisive new hub for the American continent. The new terminal is intended to reflect the Panamanian landscape, evoking a singular sense of place to welcome visitors to the country and removing the anonymity of the international hub experience for transit passengers.

3- SNB New Headquarters in Riyadh, KSA:
delivers a powerful symbol for the bank as well as a very versatile design that will allow for future growth. The 40-story tower is found at the heart of Financial Plaza, and the focal point of Riyadh’s new King Abdullah Financial District – a serious new commercial quarter almost 3 times the scale of London’s Canary Wharf.

Norwegian Snohetta:

Arriving at the Norwegian Snohetta Company began as a collaborative architectural workshop until now the workshop has kept its transdisciplinary way of thinking since its establishment. The company is well known for its work for the last 30 years, Snøhetta has designed a number of the world’s most notable public and cultural projects. Snøhetta started its career in 1989 after winning the competition for building the new library of Alexandria, in Egypt. This was later followed by the commission for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet in Oslo, and also the National Sept. 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion at the planet Trade Center in the big apple City, among many others.

Santiago Calatrava:

Also, we should not forget Santiago Calatrava Valls is a Spanish/Swiss architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and painter. He also has offices in New York City, Dubai, and Zürich he made a company and named it after his own name his company has done a lot of projects that proved that it deserves to have the name of such a person some of these projects are:
1- The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge: It connects Dallas’ two riverbanks enabling convenient access between the downtown area and the rapidly regenerating districts of West Dallas, is a key element of the city’s urban redevelopment initiatives. He saw it as a chance to rethink the city’s riverfront when the Dallas City Council hired Santiago Calatrava to design a distinctive bridge across the Trinity River in 2002. Calatrava developed a concept to turn the region into a central meeting space, effectively putting life back into the river, in order to honor the Trinity River and emphasize its immense ability to bring new development to Dallas.

2- Chicago Spire Tower: the Chicago Spire Tower will rise to a height of 1458 feet (444 meters) at its roof as well as approximately 2000 feet (610 meters) at the tip of its spire, making it the tallest building in the united states. it will be built on an eminent 2.2-acre site on north water street, near lake shore drive, and near the entrance to the navy pier. calatrava’s tall and slender design shape is achieved by structural innovation, with a glass facade that appears to sweep downward in waves, like the drapes of a cloak swirling around a figure.

3- Sharq Crossing: At the request of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning (MMUP), Santiago Calatrava created the Sharq Crossing (previously Doha Bay Crossing) Grand plan, which includes a unique combination of an efficient civil engineering solution and a highly iconic design. A major traffic connection connecting the Airport region with the West Bay Financial District and the Cultural City, according to the Grand Plan. In place of the previously suggested tunnel-only system, Santiago Calatrava has devised a solution that includes a bridge at each of the tunnel’s three ends.

Killa Design Architects:

We should not also forget what Killa Design Architects has done especially after designing the Future Museum in Dubai, UAE its buildings are astonishing and not bounded by time simply its buildings are timeless also it has a lot of projects around the world such as:
1- Sinuoso: which means “curvy and twisting path” in Italian, is a mixed-use development that was redesigned to improve the design and raise its prospective property value. In addition to community services such as gyms, supermarkets, clinics, and a community mosque, the land contains a condominium complex, commercial buildings, a hotel, and serviced apartments. Ve got proposed a Lamborghini Museum within the plot.
2- The SRG Tower: is a 111-story luxury apartment building with a resort-style swimming pool, a luxurious lobby with a cafe, sub rooms, and shopping.
3- Marsa al Arab is a 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai with 408 rooms on a reclaimed peninsula to the east of the landmark Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah beach hotels.
a deluxe branded hotel apartment, four super penthouses, a premium yacht club and marina with 128 berths, nine high-end villas, and a large resort landscaping with infinity pools and private beaches are all included in the construction.

Castro Arquitetos:

which was founded in a globalized world where architecture became increasingly standardized, is a collaborative studio of architects and creative designers who seek the soul and essence of the client’s dream for each project, morphing it into art with a distinctive and inspiring style. The company has a distinctive project worldwide for instance:
1- Mamore House, Brazil: This house has a special blend of both futuristic and luxurious items making it a fabulous masterpiece especially the rowed metal bars which made the façade seems as if it is cladded with a parket granite beside the mow near the swimming pool making it a beautiful place to have a rest after a busy day
2- Guyra House, Qabrikha, Lebanon: One of the most beautiful projects made in the Middle East it has a modern style of construction, a fancy panoramic swimming pool, and a terrace so you can feel the special climate of Lebanon and enjoy the sunset scene. Also, you can notice the concealed lights which are considered a figure of modern architecture.
3- The Riviera Hotel: Riviera Suites is an aqua-themed boutique hotel in the heart of Lagos, on Victoria Island. Riviera has three restaurants (Oceans 5, H2O, and Aqua Wok), as well as conference rooms, meeting rooms, a swimming pool, and other amenities. Riviera will bring you to a world of ease and luxury.

Creato Arquitectors:

Also, Creato Arquitectors has its share and its place among the greatest companies of this era it is an architectural studio its projects are big and wide but it is worth having a look at some of them
1- The Bride of the Sea: The project follows a continuous and graceful silhoutte that flows vertically downhill from its highest point at the main tower in plot A and integrates organically into a more horizontal base at the beach level on the plots, like a strong and iconinc notion as a wedding dress.
2- Juan Palomar Tower Zapopan, Jalisco, México: This enormous tower, with its amazing design, provides a distinct sense with its massive character, large scale size, lighting, and unique shape. CREATO decided to study the city’s monuments and rescue its virtues to portray the skyscraper as part of its creative process. Iconic verticality, producing a long-lasting meeting point and generating an attraction site through a variety of functions. The goal of its formal approach was to adapt architectural gestures from historic buildings into contemporary features.
3- Verona Tower, Zapopan, Jalisco, México: Verona Tower, situated in the center of this wonderful city, stands out for its modern and organic construction, providing an unparalleled vertical living experience.
Last but not least we have Naga which built up a famous and well-known brand that aspires to be the first option for property developers in the Middle East and, eventually, the world.

NAGA architects:

NAGA architects create beautiful designs that support an unrivaled level of home and community life in the region. Rather than putting profit ahead of people, NAGA architects put the needs, expectations, and dreams of its clients first. Promoting professionalism, balanced design, technical competency, applied technology, and service quality, elevate leadership to new heights. It has a wonderful portfolio that gave it a place on the top nine companies such as:
1- the Nowais Beach Estate, Abu Dhabi, UAE: is a waterfront property with five ocean-view residences, the main house for the parents and the other four for the children and their families. the homes are clustered around a central common courtyard with swimming pools and outdoor dining that looks out over the water. the parents’ house is in the center of the site, with direct views of the ocean, and serves as the estate’s gateway, while the children’s houses surround the courtyard. all of the houses’ major interiors have floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the ocean. the houses are designed in a contemporary, minimalist, and clean style with a mix of light and dark-colored masses and lines.
2- Dar al Timimi, Dubai, UAE: this client, who is a fashion designer, wanted a stylish statement for her home from the start. this corner site is tiny, with indirect views of the ocean, and is located in a premium position in Jumeirah, Dubai. with a large program for a tiny site, the design challenge was to make the most of every centimeter while yet making an architectural statement. the house has three levels and a basement. The ground floor is compact, with a Family Living area that faces the front yard and offers a sight of the beach, two bedrooms in the back, and a combined Staircase and Elevator core that connects the Formal Entry to the vehicle ramp to the basement. On the first floor, there is another Family Living Room with beach views, as well as three more bedrooms. The Roof is home to the Master Bedroom and a small gym, as well as the Swimming Pool and a planted patio with the best ocean views. The basement houses services as well as a seven-car garage.
3- Dar Ellington: The ground floor is small, with a Family Living area facing the front yard and a view of the beach, two bedrooms in the back, and a combined Staircase and Elevator core that connects the Formal Entry to the vehicular ramp to the basement. There are three more bedrooms on the first floor, as well as another Family Living space with beach views. The Roof is home to the Master Bedroom and a small gym, as well as a swimming pool, a planted patio, and the best ocean views. The basement has services as well as a seven-car garage.
In conclusion, we can see that mastery of using architecture will lead to spectacular results holding the signatures of those who designed it.